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Join Motor Club of America, receive over $150,000 worth of benefits & protection for only $19.95 a month,
and make $80.00 + monthly residuals for referring others to use the service !!!

(Refer 3 people, and you can be ASSURED [this is a BONUS to your insurance that pays YOU directly] for 12 months for FREE!)

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This is the Highest Payout and Best Benefits Package in the Industry!

It’s like the best of AFLAC, Pre-Paid Legal, and AAA all in one, except MUCH cheaper!

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Preview of the Total Security Benefits Package

(Video above explains ALL the benefits in the Motor Club of America. MUCH more than this list)

* UNLIMITED 24/7 road side assistance anywhere in USA and CANADA
* Towing up to 100 miles (AAA will only tow up to 20 miles, AND they cost much more)
* Emergency Room & Hospitilization Benefits ($150 per day up to 1 full year $54,750.00 paid directly to YOU)
* Bail Bond of $25,000, Arrest Bond of $500, and Attorney fees up to $2,000
* Accidental Death Benefits (up to $50,000)
* Discounts on Hotels, Car Rentals, Vision, Dental, Prescriptions, etc.
* Credit Card Protection up to $1,000
* Emergency Travel and Living Expenses
* Touring and Travel Services
* $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward (Paid to the person/agency whom finds/recovers the vehicle)
* Lawyer Service for Vehicle Damage Matters, Auto Manslaughter, Auto Assault and Battery, and Moving Violations
* and much much more!

Coverage starts the moment you receive your Motor Club of America welcome kit in the mail.

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Motor Club of America (MCA) Service & Benefits Video Presentation

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Motor Club of America - mca pays

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become a member of Motor Club of America (MCA)MCA Total Security Motor Club!
100 mile Towing! Legal Benefits!
$50,000 AD&D with Hospital Indemnity and ER Benefit!
$19.95/month. Click Here Get Started!

Example. This check was made by a member of Motor Club of America his FIRST WEEK! He is now averaging this much and better every single week on autopilot.

Can you use 4 checks like this a month?

Motor Club of America check

Leon B., NC – I received a call from my business partner not too long ago but I had to rush her off the phone; I had just broken my finger and was on my way to the emergency room. I told her I would call right back, as we had been missing each others phone calls for weeks. Anyway, I finally called her back 4 days later only to discover I had missed out on receiving $500 from MCA! Had I taken her call a few weeks ago I would have been a member and my accident would have been covered. Now I’m telling EVERYONE about Motor Club of America! I would not take the chance of them not being covered. After all accidents DO happen.
Rae H., NC – I began this business on February 1, 2012. My membership only cost me $39.90 up front and I didn’t pay anything extra to become an associate. Since then, I have been sharing these great benefits and wonderful opportunity with everyone I know. I’ve been getting paid EVERY week without fail. Thanks MCA you have really changed my life.
Darryl S., PA – I made a visit to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned; the average cost was $75. I paid $11 with my Dental Discount! Also, I went to Lens Crafters and paid $400 full price (I forgot I had the Vision Discount with MCA). I went back TWO days later and presented my discount card and was totally shocked when I was REFUNDED $232 as a part of my discount!
Kevin M., GA – I knew I had to get my tires changed so I purchased some new ones, had them in my car and was on my way to have them changed. Then one of my tires had a blowout and I had no spare. I called MCA and asked specifically for a local towing company. He showed up in 11 minutes with a flat bed and towed the car! Great service and it was all covered by the Motor Club of America!
Deborah M., PA – I slid down the stairs and fell on my hips. I went to the emergency room and waited 4 hours to be seen by a doctor. They took x-rays and the doc gave me Motrin and a cane. I received a $500 check from Motor Club of America! Thanks MCA!!
Tracy C., WI – I ran out of gas and called MCA who arrived in 17 minutes! Wow!

My Motor Club of America Proof of Payment

Proof of Payment from Motor Club of AmericaJoin Motor Club of America MCA

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